Service Terms and Conditions for Classic Antler Mounts LLC

Dear Clients,

In order to operate our taxidermy business efficiently and professionally, we have terms and conditions that apply to all projects that come into our studio. Please read the following service agreement carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.
Thank you, we appreciate your business.

Deposits are the root source of our funding system. They cover materials and the initial expenses that otherwise come out of our own pocket.
In order to insure your mount is completed in a timely manner, a (50%) deposit is required on all services and work orders. We accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards and Online Payments through Paypal®.

If a deposit is not received, materials and supplies cannot be purchased and, work will not be performed on the project until the requested deposit amount (50%) is paid or other arrangements are made to fund the project.

Turnaround time is an "Estimate" based on our seasonal & current workload, work-order requirements and project condition at time of drop off. Time-lines may be pushed out to accommodate seasonal rushes and possible back-orders on materials and supplies.

Due to the unique characteristics of each mount and the custom nature of our skull cleaning, antler mounting and taxidermy services, all sales and services are final, refunds are not available. Customers are responsible for all Shipping, Handling and Crating costs.

Taxidermist discounts, requirements and subcontract agreements are applicable for professional taxidermists and/or licensed business's only.

Additional preparation fees may apply for: "SKINNING", "CAPING", "FLESHING" and especially handling "BIO-HARZARD" wildlife.
Our studio has no control over the condition or care of a specimen prior to receiving it. Several conditions may have a determining factor on the finished piece. This includes, conditions surrounding the harvest, primeness of specimen, time of year, field care, preparation and storage.
We can not guarantee nasal passage turbinate preservation or 100% clean skulls without nasal turbinate damage or removal.
Initial field care, including partial skull preparation and cold storage are essential to obtain the best overall results.

Skull Cleaning and Skull Mounting are priced separately. Skull panels and skull mounting systems are sold as additional items.
Camo-dipping, Metal Effects, Airbrushing, Repairs, Custom modifications and/or Upgrades are priced as additional services.

All projects with an unpaid balance that are not claimed within 21 days after notice(s) that work is completed, will be accessed a storage fee. Unless contact and/or payment arrangements have been made, items left 30 days unpaid will be considered unclaimed and become the sole property of Classic Antler Mounts LLC. Unclaimed projects may be sold to recover costs, all deposits are non-refundable.

We have security systems installed at our locations. Classic Antler Mounts LLC cannot be held responsible for any reason, past, present or future, for the loss or damage of specimens, or other items resulting from: Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Flood, Third Party loss or damage, unclaimed item sales, or other circumstances that are beyond our control.

By contacting us, delivering any taxidermy item or wildlife specimen and/or providing a deposit you understand and agree to all terms and conditions of service with Classic Antler Mounts LLC including the following: The conditions surrounding the harvest, field care, storage, shipping, transportation of taxidermy, wildlife skulls and parts are out of the control of Classic Antler Mounts LLC.

With regard to Classic Antler Mounts LLC, Any transaction of information, estimates, market values, opinions or services provided by the business or its representatives. Classic Antler Mounts LLC, shall not be held liable for any cost or damage claim arising either directly or indirectly from any such transaction.

You understand and agree that it is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, estimates, advice, services and other information provided to you by Classic Antler Mounts LLC and/or any third party consultant. Therefore release Classic Antler Mounts LLC and all parties Classic Antler Mounts LLC might use or consult with, from all liability and responsibility for loss or damage claim of any taxidermy transaction.

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